Isabella H
We love Debbie! This really works! This has been more effective than any doctor, therapist, or prescription! Debbie Debbie has worked with both our daughters for anxiety-related issues. Very happy with the result.
Davidson C
18 March 2014 appointment A very interesting induction, pretty effective, too. (And fun to visualize.) I really appreciate the lessons you are teaching me, especially how they can interconnect and build on each other. The more I learn, the more I *can* learn. As I said today, I am getting, not only all I hoped for from hypnosis, but what I had no idea was possible. You are a great teacher.
Amy M
Awesome Experience I would highly recommend seeing Debbie! She is an open listener, who easily understands individuals and helps them access their own abilities. I always leave with a smile and a rejuvenated sense of spirit!
Very helpful! Debbie was very professional, pleasant, and personable. I used her devices to help me quit smoking and I would recommend her to all who are serious and ready to make that change.
Lahna L
first impression I met Debbie today and am very excited to go through this process with her. I am very comfortable with her and learned a lot from her today. I know this will be the wonderful life change that I have needed for so long.
William H
Golf Session It is still too early to evaluate the results but the process itself was compelling to where I felt the subliminal suggestion below my waking consciousness.
Sean H
Absolutely a positive experience I have had four sessions as of the end of October, 2014, with Debbie at Intuitive Hypnosis. Our sessions have been absolutely worth my time. Her service is wonderfully satisfying, and her perspective and wisdom has created in me a great desire to learn more about the potential of Hypnosis. Since our first session she has been genuine, charming, and very thoughtful -- this has certainly help bridge the gap from "patient" to "doctor", to "friend" and "spiritual mentor". For me, I've noticed both immediate changes in terms of a complete freedom from my Video game addictions, as well as deep-rooted therapy for the darkest parts of my personality. She is not abrasive but warmly responsive and encouraging, and this has allowed me to experience the greater impact that molding the subconscious can do for us in this busy, often negative world. I definitely recommend her for those with either the desire for help with an addiction. And I will strongly suggest her for those who are looking to work through those tenacious negative soundtracks in our minds. Thank you Debbie!
Brie L
a life changing experience... I have spent countless hours in therapy since age 20 for OCD, anxiety, depression, lack of self love, etc. I have come a long way in the past 10 years, but needed some 'fine tuning'. Debbie was exactly what I was looking for. At each session we would discuss what I would like to work on, and she would come up with a perfect hypnosis session and nail it EVERY time. She's a natural. If you're willing to do the homework and are ready to make some deep changes, Debbie is the perfect person to turn to. I will be forever grateful for the work we did together.
Veronica Ruth H
Great! Debbie was super welcoming and really cared about what I was talking about, plus asked more questions to get to know me in the time we had. I felt like there was a connection because she would relate things and then also just talk things out with me when I was trying to answer questions. The actual hypnosis was relaxing and I'm happy that I decided to do this for my sport performance: It seems like it will be very beneficial for me and I think anyone who wants to try it, should go here!
Roosevelt E
Debbie is cool for smoking hypnosis. She was real and very down to earth. Not judgemental, didn't criticize, and she was fun. Debbie is a very beautiful soul. One love.
Kristie F
Debbie is awesome! Debbie put me at ease the very first second I met her. She is so down to earth and funny and matter-of-fact that you just can't help feeling like you're visiting with a good friend. She's very thorough in the pre-work she does, which really helps YOU think things through, and she uses that to tailor the session in your own language and feelings. Despite being a 'basket case' when I arrived due to a stressful even that occurred a few hours prior to my appointment (completely unrelated to the session!) she was able to get me to relax to the point where I felt like I had melted into the comfy chair during the actual hypnosis. When she got to '5', I opened my eyes feeling as if I had slept the best night's sleep of my life. I love how she provides an audio of the session that I can use to repeat the experience whenever I need to (or want to!), as well as offering unlimited follow ups for one year at such a reasonable price. Just can't say enough nice things about Debbie and the session, and look forward to more for other areas I'd like to use hypnosis for!
Bonnie B
Wonderful and professional! I love it when a first meeting with a professional results in a this case, a recording tailored for me and to help with weight loss. THANKS!
Weight Management Debbie's hypnosis work with me has been instrumental in helping me to reduce my stress eating, to eat more mindfully and healthily.
1st appointment with Debbie Taylor-Lilly Debbie made me feel very comfortable both mentally and physically while visiting with her. I have the CD that she made for me to listen to at home. I am looking forward to listening to the CD and visiting with Debbie again in 2 weeks.
William D
A remarkable experience. I came in for help with weight loss and changing the habits that made me gain weight. I am a month into the process and have lost 20lbs so far. there is still a long way to go, but I am confident that Hypnosis has been a big part of my staying on track. I have not had cravings for the bad foods that I got fat on, and now I crave healthy food, it is normal now, not the groan of "I am on a diet" . i can not say this is for everybody, but if you have an open mind and an honest desire to change your ways, this could be it. Debbie makes the process personal so everything relates to your personal situation, I blieve that is important. I have recommended her to many people, as well as this posting.
Mary Ann B
Another great session Today was my 2nd session with Debbie and like the first it was great. After the first session I've lost 4 lbs and am confident that after today the weight will continue to come off. Debbie is great and makes you feel so empowered to accomplish your goals.
Robert L
Custom session Review of Debbie Taylor Debbie took the time to really listen and then customized her session to my unique needs.
Ellen R
Debbie Rules! I found Debbie on Livingsocial and thought I'd give hypnotism a shot for some uncharacteristic social anxiety I had developed. I have seen her 3 times now and every experience is so nice and positive. Even just chatting with Debbie makes me feel better! I think hypnotism is a really neat tool and suggest it to my friends all the time. What's particularly great about it is that Debbie helps you help yourself, and that takes a very special and selfless person. If you want to make a change or need help Debbie will support you all the way!
Daniel H
First Session Debbie is a natural. She listens very well, and helps you define goals that feel workable. I left my session feeling confident that change through hypnosis with Debbie is very possible.
Megan F
First session I had my first session and it was a wonderful experience. Debbie made me feel comfortable and explained everything to me wonderfully. I already see an improvement :)
Mark M
Great Session I have been a satisfied consumer of hypnosis therapy on several occasions throughout my life. I was instantly put at ease by Debbie. I know she was genuinely interested in my concerns and took great care in addressing them prior to starting our session. I left feeling confident that I would once again have a successful story to tell with this hypnosis experience.
MaryAnn B
Hypnosis Session on Weight Loss Session was fantastic. Debbie made me feel so comfortable it was like talking to an old friend. Her voice is very soothing and so easy to listen to. Would recommend her to anyone for any problem they may be having.
Charles W
Hypnosis Weight Loss Works I lost 11 lbs. in the last month with Debbie Taylor-Lilly.
Todd B
hypnotherapy experience I had never experienced hypnotherapy before. After my first session I drove home feeling a peace that I have not felt in years. Any skepticism I may have had about hypnosis quickly went away after experiencing my first session. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone with difficult issues to resolve , particularly at intuitive because of the very comfortable feeling I got there.
John M
I Came Back For More I came to Debbie for help with weight loss and chronic pain control. I was so impressed I signed up for the training course she teaches for people who want to become hypnotists. Debbie combines a deep knowledge hypnosis with a broad range of hypnotic techniques and an absolutely great, crooning delivery of the hypnotic script that she calls "speaking in cursive." She is also a great teacher - you won't be surprised to learn that she was a school teacher and has a masters degree in teaching. Absolutely first rate.
Amy M
In Awe I am so happy with Debbie and the work she does. I have recommended her to everyone I can. The change that I want for me started occurring right away and I feel so much more at ease and peaceful about life. I do believe my family appreciates the work I've done, too. And it was after only one session. Debbie is real and supportive and clear about what hypnosis could do.
Becka M
Irina is amazing Irina is easy to talk to and has an incredibly soothing voice. I found the hypnosis session to be very relaxed. It was my first time with hypnosis and she really took her time to make sure I was comfortable and understood the process. I can highly recommend Irina with absolutely no reservation.
Kerri R
Issue Resolution This was a very interesting, and enjoyable experience for me to try. I enjoyed the process of identifying both the issues and the ideal state before the hypnosis began. Debbie was thorough and listend very attentively. She is a very professional practitioner.
Glen B
More than just hypnosis Putting someone into hypnosis really isn't all that difficult. What you want is someone who knows what to do after you've been hypnotized. There's never one "right thing to do," but a wide range of things that might be done. Some of these might be highly effective for you. Others might not. Debbie has a deep intuition (which is why intuitive hypnosis is just the right name for her work) of what I needed during my session. She is personable. She is effective and when you visit her she will give you her full attention, the benefit of her experience as a hypnotist and a former teacher and connect with you both consciously and unconsciously so that you will benefit from the partnership in the best possible way. I recommend her highly.
Nichole L
Pleasantly suprised My first time being hypnotised was an interesting expirience. I expected my conscious mind to be completely silenced but it wasnt and I still feel like I reaped the bennefits of the session. At the end I felt as though I just woke up from a nap. I felt refreshed and good. I would deffinately reccomend it to anyone.
Laura S
smoking cessation I am so happy to have found Debbie for my adventure in smiling cessation. I feel like she's an old friend and will always remain in my passing thoughts. She made it so easy to convert navy too being a non smoker. I will NOT be back unfortunately. Because I am a NON SMOKER NOW!!!! :-) thank you so much for making my life more manageable Debbie!! Much love coming your way!!
Peter M
todays session I liked the tone of your voice and the soothing manner of the induction. The key words we identified in the pre-trance phase were seemlessly incorporated in a narrative that I think will work to help let go of outdated survival thoughts/behaviors. I hope next time I can think of symbols and metaphors that might help to augment the power of words alone. I would want your feedback on this point. See you in two weeks.
Birgit H
Volunteer for a student at your School Thank you very much for having your student work on me. It was a pleasant experience/interaction. I felt that she was very well taught, and of course, she used everything she has learned from you to the fullest. I enjoyed (might not be the correct term, because dealing with your own issues is not exactly an enjoyment) the treatment I received greatly. Thank you kindly! You can contact me any time again :-)
Charles W
Worthwhile Experience Hypnosis with Debbie seems to be working for me. I have lost 5 pounds in 3 days and am on my way to lose 50. The hypnosis really helps.
Kimberley B
Only my second visit And I am feeling more in control. I feel like I can face my cravings and emotional eating head on less shame more alternatives!
Joe S
Relaxing I found my session with Debbie to be relaxing and calming to my whole nervous system. I feel that it will prove to be beneficial to my well being in the long run.
Graciann H
Very happy I have gone to Debbie twice now for weight control and I have lost 13 lbs. Debbie is a great listener and prepares tapes that fit you personally and so far it is working great.
Daniel C
Wonderful Session Debbie is an absolutely wonderful hypnotist - patient, easy going, funny, and very effective. It was a pleasure working with her and I am looking forward to enjoying the results for a long time to come!